How do I enable Square for my store?

Square helps millions of sellers run their business-from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions. Get paid faster with Square.
Step 1: Create your own Square accounts
  • Create an account by going to their sign-up page here.
  • Go through their onboarding process by adding some personal/business information and linking your bank account.
... then you're all set once you get approved!
Step 2: Get your Square API key, App ID, and Location ID
  • To get your API key, create a developer application here.
  • Enable "Production" mode and save your Production Application ID (App ID) and Access Toen (API key)
  • Once you've saved your App ID & API key, tap on the "Locations" button on your left sidebar. Confirm that it's still in production mode, then save your Location ID.
Step 3: Connect Square to Sellpass
  • Navigate to your payments tab under shop settings
  • Tap on the "Square" button to add your Square API key, App ID, and Location ID
  • Save the settings by clicking "Save" in the Sellpass modal
That's it! Square has been enabled for your store and you can now enable Square for every new product you create (and for all previous products).